About us

The site www.blandtravel.com was established to facilitate your efforts to online searching and booking hotels and air tickets. The site cooperates with numerous leading online booking systems of the world's and allows you to compare many prices of air tickets and hotels. We have collected a large amount of data in the one-step search system, everything is easy and accessible: a hotel and an air ticket.

Blandtravel's search system represents a large number of recommendations in real time. You will be moved in the supplier's official website by selecting your preferred option and confirm your final order. You have a big choice.

So the website is ideal "assistant" for those who decides to travel. The services provided by the Website are free for all users, there is nether commission nor registration fee, you will only pay for your hotel and air ticket and no extra charge.

You can find the information about the world's top tourist destinations on the website, watch many pictures, get acquainted with the cuisine and make a small "virtual tour". This is the best way to choose your next journey direction.

You can subscribe and be the first to learn about blandtravel's new offers.

We wish you an unforgettable and pleasant journey with Blandtravel..